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Joe Hash was one of the most impactful additions to SmileDirectClub's brand and creative team. His knowledge of advertising and marketing creative proved invaluable as he led some of our most extensive brand campaigns, email communications, and marketing creative.

Not only is he a seasoned advertising professional, he's also an all-around great human. He's equal parts leader, mentor, and talented creative.

He uplifts and makes everyone around him better. He made me better, and I learned something from him every day.

— Joshua Hernandez
Former Group Creative Director, SmileDirectClub

As the CMO of SmileDirectClub, I had the pleasure of working with Joe and was consistently impressed with his ability to understand our brand and bring a unique perspective to our work.

Joe was able to help us significantly improve our CRM game, particularly in email. His writing skills and creativity played an important role in bringing our brand character Dee Dee to life. His positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile made him a valuable asset on our team.

— John Sheldon
Former CMO, SmileDirectClub

Joe quickly understands the needs of an issue or opportunity. He will push boundaries to explore and challenge what's possible. He won't accept the expected.


He plays nice in any sandbox and can weave his way through politics and regulations to find solutions that not only make sense but are clever, smart, strategic and sound.


Oh yeah, and Joe is a blast to work with!

— Catherine Shand
Sr. VP, Managing Partner, Y&R Toronto (retired)

He is unique in his ability to identify, crystallize and communicate ideas that carry across any platform. A true collaborator and leader in his field.

— Chris Jordan
Former President & CEO, Y&R Toronto

Joe played a key strategic role in developing and executing a transformational communications platform at Ford of Canada. The centerpiece of the strategy was a manifesto that so perfectly captured the essence of the Ford brand and what was required to succeed, that it became the rallying cry for the entire company and the dealers.

 — Dean Stoneley
Former VP Marketing, Ford of Canada

CEO, FordDirect

When we need awesome creative quickly, Joe delivers. They don't call him "The Cleaner" for nothin'!

— Matt Long
Owner and Founder, Punkle NY

He has the ability to sum up the essence of a brand or put into words the true purpose of an organization. His words have provided clarity, vision, and inspiration. He is also a delightful human being and I enjoyed working with him very much.

— Susan Murray
General Manager, Haft2

Joe worked for me for about five years at Goodgoll Curtis and consistently put magic on the page. He does it with relative ease and speed, and then presents it with heart, conviction and an amazing voice.

— Don Curtis
Managing Partner, Goodgoll Curtis (Retired)

I worked under Joe's creative direction and found him inspiring, intuitive and encouraging. He understands what a client's looking for and quickly formulates solutions. He's a pleasure to present with — though he easily commands a room on his own, he knows when and how, strategically, to share the spotlight and help his team shine.

— Stephen Reese


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