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Joe Hash
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I hate drama. And attention. So, yeah, it's odd that I've spent my life in an industry that thrives on both. But the reality is, I'd rather find solutions that make you look good and get attention for your brand.

I've worked with big agencies, small agencies, and internal agencies. Well-known worldwide shops and obscure local ones. And I've worked for myself. I've helped famous global brands, startups, and sole proprietorships. I've led. I've followed. I've built teams. I've mentored. I've temped. I've settled in. And when it's felt like I'm just settling, I've moved on.

I've created multi-million-dollar campaigns and shoestring promotions. And while it's always nice to have a real budget, ultimately size doesn't matter. Because what really excites me is the opportunity to move people. Make them laugh or cry. Or make them think about something in a way they've never thought about it before. I like connecting brands with people on an emotional level.

So they'll remember you. Not me.

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